--> The internet has become so over-hyped it is pathetic. Ninety percent of the "content" is crap and practically everyone thinks they can get rich off it. Hey! Here's a brilliant idea! Let's start an "Adult Website," throw some canned nude pictures on it, charge people money to become members and make a gazillion bucks! Well, we like to think we're a little beyond that here. We recognize the potential [undeniably world-changing] of the medium and try to weed out the garbage [there's so much]. The internet is part of our magazine, and our magazine is part of the internet... at no charge.
Table of Contents

>> hole lotta love

>> answer me! verdict

>> the world is a vampire..

>> x.posing the `net

>> sex, bugs & rock’n’roll

>> ice

>> our man flynt

>> dr. rosenstein’s monsters

>> goddamn

going to hell <<

crash worshipping <<

scamtology <<

sex on other planets <<

digital whore <<


psychede-lick sisters <<

schoolgrrrlz <<

--> I went to a party the other night and someone, as usual, asked about when the next issue of X Magazine was coming out. I didn't answer. I never do anymore. X Magazine #6 has become a tremendous burden in the back of [at least my] mind. A serious case of publisher's block? We've had this issue "nearly ready for press" for two years now, completely dumping out-dated content no less than seven times. The staff has grown from three to ten. The office has grown from my living room to a 1000 sq. foot office suite. But to me, publishing this issue will be a combination of the greatest satisfaction and the biggest relief of anything we've ever done.

XSBS by FF --> Although it's been a while since the last issue of X Magazine, we haven't just been sitting on our asses. We've had to make money somehow. In fact, we've published more than 70 issues of other magazines since we last published X. Among them such titles as Exotic, Rendezvous, Modern Goddess and X.Online [which continues on, merged with X Magazine]. So we've gained a lot of experience and talent since the last issue. Hopefully it will show. X Magazine is created by combining the best of what we can do into one quarterly over-hyped mouthful.