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Sex Around the World by Donna Goodenough

Addicted to Asia: Phnom Penh Pussy

With an average monthly income of less than $50 per family, most young Cambodian girls will go into prostitution as a means of supporting their family. From the American prospective this may seem abhorrent, but Phnom Penh prostitutes earn good wages from men like you, so it’s in their best interest to make you happy any way they can.

Since the passing of Pol Pot in 1998, it’s no longer a death sentence for Cambodians to be wealthy or intellectual; Phnom Penh girls are eager to fuck for money, a nice place to sleep and a good meal. But I found out sex isn’t all they’re good for.

Phnom Penh girls are eager to fuck for money, a nice place to sleep and a good meal.

As I usually do, I hooked up with a couple of guys who were also traveling independently. Their prostitutes from the previous night doubled as our personal tour guides. They took us shopping and to all the sights and all the right places to eat and got us an unbelievable deal at the Sunway Hotel (No.1 Street 92). The Sunway was a fairly lavish hotel that provided its working girls with a high-class place to conduct their business. The establishment keeps the respectable, quiet atmosphere; the girls keep the rooms full.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the ‘total value’ of Phnom Penh prostitutes; without these hard working girls leading the way and translating for us, pesky louts and taxi drivers would have constantly harassed us. Surely we would have been royally ripped off. But we motor-scootered around town and I honestly can’t remember when I’ve had that much fun. My sides hurt from laughing; these girls were a lot of fun!

The guys met ‘Ekam’ and ‘Su’ at the tiny Pochentong Airport where professional gals proposition deplaning stag men. However, most pussy will ply the nightclub scene and our escorts took us into a few of these places to show us how it’s done in Cambodia.

As in Thailand, it can get pretty wild! The guys were allowed to touch the girls who came to the edge of the stage and wiggled their bare asses in our faces. The laws are somewhat different in Cambodia and we didn’t see any dancers squatting on the happy faces of ringside patrons or any that would allow customers to lick between their long slender legs that were wide open throughout most of the show. This isn’t to say licking’s not done in Cambodia, just that I didn’t see it. The whole evening (spicy food & drinks galore for 5 people!) cost my friends about $15 each including cover charge. Su rounded up two additional girls for my buddies (at around $20 apiece for two hours) and all seven of us went back to the Sunway for a fuck fest you had to see to believe. Su and Ekam participated in the whole event. My friends had bought their services for 24 hours at a measly $40 each! When it came time to let them go, we sincerely missed them.

The guys met ‘Ekam’ and ‘Su’ at the tiny Pochentong Airport where professional gals proposition deplaning stag men.

Don’t forget, when you’re in a place as rough as Cambodia, it’s smart to hire prostitutes for a full 24 hours. They sure come in handy as translators! You’ll get more sex than you know what to do with and some of the most knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides you’ll ever get at a price your friends back home won’t believe!

Although there are currently travel warnings concerning Cambodia, I’m sure it won’t deter some of my more adventurous readers from going there. Several airlines offer flights from PDX to Phnom Penh for about $1,400. Phnom Penh is a rough town and prime rip-off territory. But enough grim statistics…just do it!




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