Erotic City 'Nothing but the Naked Truth'  June 2000
"Nothing but the Naked Truth" June 2000 : June 2000 : Erotic City
Viva welcomes the fleet Our Exotic Editor Viva Las Vegas welcomes the fleet in style to the Rose Festival of Flesh.

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The adventure begins with photo galleries being added for The Dream On Saloon, Wildcats, Jody’s and Sugar Daddies. Have you ever wished you could sit in on an Exotic photo shoot? This month we’ll take you there with digital video teasers. Picture, if you will, stopping by your favorite club from the comfort of your own home and watching what you’re missing with video strip shows! Now it’s all possible; and will take you there.
This is all only the beginning, boys and girls. In the coming months, we’ll be adding more new exotic features to keep your mouse squeaking and your monitor smoking.

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The Rose Festival of Flesh (AKA the Rose Bush) issue kicked off in a big way with our Heartbreaker covergirls Jade, Sadie, Camillian and Sonya. You can see these fab dancers on a regular basis at The Dream On Saloon, Jody’s and Club Genesis. Don’t miss out on our three Exotic Covergirl Signing parties held throughout the month in these clubs (see calendar for details.) They’ll be signing copies of Exotic in the flesh, giving out door prizes, snapping Polaroids and more fun that we can only whisper about. We’ll see you there.

Exotica— International Club for Men is bringing up the rear of the magazine this month. Check out their hot new ad featuring a stellar collection of beauties orbiting their four stages. After spending two scintillating evenings shooting these babes, we got to know exactly how exotic this club can be. We can’t go into details at this time, but once we wrapped up the shoot, we headed straight to the showers.

The creation of the Shagnasty’s ad was another zenith of this month’s issue. Spending 8 hours with O’Dell's own Oregon Thunder Dancers was the shagadelic experience. At the wrap, we packed up the studio and headed back to Shagnasty’s to watch our models shageriffic. “Oh behave!” Not bloody likely when Exotic sponsors the Exotic Oregon Thunder Show with these lovely ladies on Friday, June 9th. Super specials we can’t mention, door prizes, free table dances and hot nasty fun.

Sometimes it’s worth the wait to get hard, and sometimes you can hardly wait. Either way, next time you stop by The Boom Boom Room, you’ll be able to order a stiff drink at their full bar featuring a knock-out staff of the Southwest’s sexiest barmaids.

Wildcats is on the prowl with two new events this month. First off we have Panty Night on Saturday June 10th. Delicious, wet dancers will be auctioning off a pair of their panties every hour on the hour all night long; and yes...they'll be peeling them right off the dancers’ derrieres after a hot sweaty set. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, Laura and the crew will be holding a Pie Eating contest on Saturday, June 24th; in the usual Wildcats fashion, you’ll be eating the pie right out of the lap of your favorite dancer (pie a la chode). Rumor has it that Kitty (Miss Oregon Gentlemen’s Club 2000) will be seeking a sponsor so she can dive into a little pie herself.


It’s Back! The Sale we’ve all been waiting for at Cathie's. Next to definitely rank right up there on a girl’s best friend list (or so our co-editor Viva Las Vegas tells us all the time); and Cathie’s is offering very friendly prices, like 40-60% off, on selected shoes and sizes all month long. Daddy wants a knew pair of shoes for his little girl for Father’s Day. Get there early in the month; we’ve seen cat fights bust out over that last pair of size sevens on several occasions in the past.

Rumors has it...all the hottest new fashions and dance wear that is, including the shagadelic threads worn by The Oregon Thunder Dancers in The Shagnastys ad this month. If you can’t make it to her store on Milwaukie off Powell, stop by and see Teri at Shagnastys on Friday, June 9th at the Exotic Thunder Show. Or, be on the lookout for a big event with Rumors in the first ever Exotic Fashion Show coming to the Viewpoint in July.
Hard Times
will be vamping the place up soon when they throw showgirl booths into the downtown-on-Broadway mix. “They say the neon tights are bright...” We’ll be giving you a peek at the new line-up in next month’s issue


Babydolls & Honeysuckles Lingerie have a very special 3 year anniversary secret surprise coming up soon that’s gonna be VERY, VERY big. We don’t want to spoil the fun, but here’s a hint: You’ll be able to get a hot, steamy session with one of their super models for the same price you paid for the magazine you are now holding in your hand. Hmmm...we didn’t give it away did we? Stay tuned.

The Palace will get you wet this month with a Bikini Car Wash on Saturday, June 24th. If having a crew of soaped-up bikini clad babes buffing your car doesn’t do it for you, might we suggest you pay a visit to the Palace’s very own Sin for some serious domination. Bikini car wash days and Fem-dom nights; what more could a guy ask for. Sounds like complete coverage to me.

The girls at Fantasy Lingerie will be holding some creative theme nights in June. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, be sure to stop by for Strip Poker Nights. That’s right. Texas Hold’em will never be the same. No cheating! Fridays you can double up your pleasure with 2 girl shows for the price of one. Couples night on Saturdays sizzles when you bring a date; pay for one session and she watches for free. Whoopee! Bi-bi love.


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