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April 2000

Issue #81


Features - This Month's Feature Articles

Diamond Dave
You can't hustle a hustler - or can you?

Fulfilling a
Global Knead

The arts of massage, sex, and torture...

Strip Clubs
strip clubs in the Portland area

Adult Video Stores
video stores and arcades in the area

Lingerie Modeling Shops
live modeling shops in the area

Escort Businesses
escorts in the area

Map Guide
adult entertainment locations

Erotic City
news from the scene

Calendar of Events
what's going on this week & month

adult classified ads

X-tras - Online Only!

Border Town
A bit 'o poetry from Gary Akre

Exotic Stuff
Mugs, Shirts & Stuff

Primate Studies
Selected video clips from
Rex's pile o' porn


Columns - Monthly or bi-monthly columns

Carnal Knowledge
a word from the publisher

Viva Las Vegas
notes from our stripper-rockgrrl editor

Tales from Spookyville
the names have been changed

Pornos for Primates
rex breathes reviews adult video

Girl Trouble
hear no evil, speak no evil, have no sex

Secret Cabal Sauce
you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you

Sex Me
everyone! quick! read this!