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Covergirl "Alex"
Another issue of Forbidden Pleasures!
September 2002 - Issue #109

Frank FaillaceCarnal Knowledge
a word from the publisher


The Industry
by JG
Erotic City
nine years of decadence

Demi MondaineWhat's Your Fucking Problem
advice from demi mondaine

debra jean dangerThe Cum-Hungry Genius
by debra jean danger


bobby jo schmidtI Hate Sex
by bobbi jo schmidt


The Jack Shack
flagstone walker reviews


Media StalkerMedia Stalker
by shifty walker


Hard Justice
by officer partrige


The Male G-Spot
is hidden up uranus
Rock 'n' Roll Legend Chuck Berry
and his piss fetish
featured dancer "Jimmy"White Man Blames Women
and nonwhites for his problems
trucker fagTrucker Fags in Denial
bush and petey are forced to share the same bed
Exotic Pinup "Mimi"Exotic Pinup
exotic pinup


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